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    Riverside Area Community Club – Trekfest is attending Trekfest 39 – In Riverside, IA at Future Birthplace Of Captain James T. Kirk.
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    · Riverside, IA ·
    Bonnie Gordon will be joining us at Trekfest 39 – In Riverside, IA
    More about Bonnie,
    No stranger to the world of science fiction and geek pop culture, Bonnie is an actress, singer, and voiceover actor who prides herself on being a “professional nerd.” Her VO credits include cartoons, video games & anime such as Star Trek Prodigy on Nickelodeon & Paramount+ and soon to be on Netflix! (Ship Computer and various other roles); Street Fighter V; Fire Emblem Echoes/Three Houses; Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords; Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation; Battlestar Galactica Deadlock; MegaMan 11; Ikki Tousen; Code Vein; and many more! She might also be recognized as an original paladin from the fantasy show on ABC called “The Quest” (now rebooted and streaming on Disney+!).
    Bonnie can be found taking the helm as Ensign Lark Sage on the Geek & Sundry Star Trek TTRPG show, “Shield of Tomorrow!,” as well as rolling dice and starring/guesting on many other TTRPG shows on Twitch channels such as HyperRPG, Queutimes, DnDBeyond: (Callisto 6; Clear Skies; Barony of Olives; Disco Does DnD, etc.)
    Although thrilled to be a canon part of the Trek universe, her “Star Trek Career” actually started years and years ago as an actor on the bridge of the Enterprise at the Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas!
    She has traveled all over the world singing and guesting at comic cons with her nerdy parody band The Library Bards – taking top 40 hits and transforming them into nerdy, geektastic tunes about sci-fi and fantasy fandoms!
    She has put together a solo musical act to promote her new solo album, Con Artist. She is also currently cast in a new live-action sci-fi series set to shoot in 2024!
    Follow her Bonnie Gordon & The Library Bards
    #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #trekkie

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