Trekfest 2023

Guest Stars:

Riverside Area Community Club – Future Birthplace Of Captain James T. Kirk.

  · Riverside, IA  · 

****Big Announcement****

This year’s guest celebrity at Trekfest 38 will be Chase Masterson!

Masterson is best known for starring as Leeta for 5 years on Star Trek DS9 and currently stars opposite Eric Roberts in the Doctor Who Big Finish spin-off The Master. Masterson also stars in the title role of Doctor Who Big Finish spin-off Vienna, currently in Season 4. Fans of CW’s The Flash know her as Sherry.

Trekfest is a free event open to the general public and admission is free!

We look forward to seeing you at Trekfest 38 (2023) in Riverside, IA on June 23rd and 24th!!!

PLUS: Parade! Live Bands! Model Contest! Costume Contest! AND MUCH MORE!!! see for most current info/schedule!

TrekFest 38 T-Shirt Artists: Chris Haferbier and Jenny Duling. Graphic designer Rich Deutsch of The Cotton Gallery, Marion IA